Sustainability and certification

Environmental friendliness and attention to consumers’ health begin with the raw materials we choose for our wines, from 193 SQNPI certified hectares and 86.5 hectares organic or undergoing conversion. Adopting SQNPI means observing a strict protocol that guarantees consumers quality and care for the environment. Biodiversity is the natural resource that more than any other reduces the use of chemicals, preserving the uniqueness of grapes from Terre di Ogliano, all grown to this protocol, with the loving hands of winegrowers guided by tradition and experience making the difference.

Environmental sustainability is also choosing packaging materials with a small carbon footprint, such as lighter glass (that still protects the wine), caps with low ecological impact, and labels that are either biodegradable or produced with FSC paper.

Our photovoltaic system also makes an important contribution by providing us with green energy for the creation of our wines.

Sustainability also applies to work ethics and economically sustainable production. For this reason, Masottina S.p.A. has chosen to voluntarily undergo SMETA audits.


SMETA stands for Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit, and is an audit methodology by SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) for the purpose of demonstrating the company’s commitment to social problems and ethical and environmental standards throughout the supply chain. The Standard therefore has a place in a responsible, ethical business to ensure:

  • Health and safety
  • Labour regulations
  • Environmental protection
  • Company ethics.

Masottina S.p.A. is IFS, BRC and ISO 9001 certified.

IFS and BRC international standards ensure safety and quality on an international scale. They are certifications sought after by companies in the food and agricultural industries to certify the safety of food and the quality of products and processes. The main objective is to encourage and guarantee safe products and reinforce and promote food safety throughout the production chain.

ISO 9001:2015 is the international benchmark standard regarding quality management. It is addressed to companies that intend to improve their quality performance in terms of increased efficiency and effectiveness for their in-house processes, as an instrument to achieve their aims and enhance consumer satisfaction.

All our wines are produced without using preparations of animal origin (e.g. egg or blood albumin, animal or fish gelatine). As there is no internationally recognised certification, Masottina SpA has asked all its suppliers for a self declaration that testifies to the absence of substances derived from animals in the winemaking products they supply. Through a special logo we have created, we can use such self declaration to provide proof that Masottina wines are suitable for consumption by vegans.